Domestic Violence Charges filed against Rapper Flavor Flav

Rapper Flavor Flav lost control early Wednesday morning when he violently pushed his fiance down to the ground twice and reportedly with two knives in hand chased his fiance’s 17-year-old son around their Vegas house.

According to the police report stated the fight began with Flavor Flav’s fiancé accusing him of cheating on her.  Flav became angry, ripped her earrings out and threw her to the ground.  The teenage son tried to come to his mother’s aid.  At that point the rapper grabbed two knives and turned his focus on the son, chasing him around the house into a locked room.  Flavor Flav kicked the door down and threatened to kill the boy.

Flavor Flav posted the $23,000 bail and will return to court next week to address the charges of misdemeanor battery and felony assault with a deadly weapon.  The rapper is denying the death threat allegations, as well as the assault with knives.

In most States, if Flavor Flav entered into a diversion program he would at minimum have to complete a domestic violence treatment program.  If he is found guilty of domestic violence he will lose his right to bear a firearm among other penalties.  If he is found guilty of a felony assault he will also lose his right to vote (perhaps 1 less vote for Obama).

I’m guessing Flavor Flav’s fiance is having second thoughts on marriage especially if Flav did threaten her son at knife point saying he was going to kill him.  The ring may be in the trash or more likely on Ebay.  Money in her pocket…yeahhhhh boooyeeee!!!!  Or maybe we will see this couple on the next season of Couples Therapy, always entertaining to have volatile people on that show.


Written by S.O