Last Friday, March 3rd, former Florida State cornerback P.J. Williams was arrested for DUI.  Florida State University Police reports say that Williams was clearly under the influence of alcohol due to his slurred speech and swaying back and forth while standing. Williams, however is denying the DUI allegation, saying he was not drunk that day and that he is planning to fight the case to prove his innocence.

The 21-year old football phenom allegedly was pulled over by Florida State Univ. police around 3 am for making an illegal left turn while exiting a McDonald’s.  Police also say they saw him swerve and almost side swipe a curb.

During the DUI investigation, police say P.J. Williams attempted to play the famous athlete card… don’t you know who I am?  I’m a FSU football player, about to be drafted into the NFL…  Needless to say, it had no effect on police and they still arrested him for DUI and hauled him into jail.

Later that morning, P.J. posted the $500.00 bail and was released.  Since the DUI arrest, P.J. has hired a lawyer to defend his drunk driving charge.  A few days later, on the 7th he officially pled not guilty to the DUI charge.

His lawyer released statements about the DUI arrest saying, “He did have a drink or two earlier,” but he cut himself off hours before getting behind the wheel to because he was the designated driver that night.  “… he was taking everyone to McDonald’s.  “It’s what 21-year olds do.”

P.J.’s defense attorney is optimistic about the DUI case, telling reporters that Williams did not submit to the DUI breathalyzer test or a blood draw so there is no BAC (blood alcohol content) result.  Additionally, the video surveillance taken by the police car dash cam may actually help P.J.’s DUI case.

Williams is adamant he was not DUI and he and his attorney plan to fight the charge to the end, even if that means taking the case to trial.  P.J. is due back to court soon.  The NFL draft pick begins on April 30th, and hopefully P.J.’s DUI arrest won’t hinder his chances of becoming a pro ball player.