DUI Charges are Serious, Contact the Defense Attorneys at David O Defense Today!

DUI Charges are Serious, Contact the Defense Attorneys at David O Defense Today!

DUI charge can have long lasting effects if it is not handled well.  Imagine not being able to drive your vehicle, losing your job and even facing jail time. This is what can happen even for a first-time DUI / DWI / drunk driving conviction. Did you know that a DUI conviction can cost you thousands in court fees, fines and alcohol treatment? You could also be facing probation, community service, ignition interlock, restricted travel, alcohol treatment and education. Having a DUI in Washington State also has long-term affects. This conviction can stay on your permanent record, which can ultimately influence whether or not a future employer will want to hire you or a college to accept you.

In addition, if you have any prior DUI / DWI / drunk driving convictions, you’ll want to think even harder about hiring the right DUI defense attorney. For every DUI conviction in Washington State within a seven year period, the penalties only get harsher for multiple offenders. This is true even if your prior DUI / DWI / drunk driving charge was reduced to a lesser charge.

Since DUI laws are constantly changing, it’s best to find a DUI defense lawyer who is experienced in this complicated field of law. David O is up to the task with his wealth of knowledge and experience in representing those charged with DUI, DWI, drunk driving.  He is committed to defending the rights of those charged with driving under the influence (DUI / DWI). His aggressive and innovative approach to the interpretation of DUI, DWI, drunk driving laws in Washington State has proven time after time to be a valuable asset for his clients. David has aggressively and successfully defended clients in Seattle and through out Washington State.

DUI Client Reviews

“David O knows everything if not more about DUI cases… Being charged with a major offense is a very stressful situation, however having David there really helped me keep my composure. When we were in trial he was advising and teaching the Prosecutors office about DUI’s giving insight most of them did not have. He knows a lot of people in the court system and having someone who is known and well versed on DUI litigation I felt was a benefit to me and set my mind at ease during the weeks and months that were to follow.” Posted by Amy, DUI Client, 2012

“He is genuinely caring for you as a person… and having him as my lawyer really had a calming effect throughout this ordeal. Overall you should not pass him up, he is seriously the best DUI defense lawyer out there, and I would know because I literally went door to door getting consultations from every lawyer in Seattle, and David O is, without a doubt, the best Defense Lawyer in the 206 area.”  Posted by Eric, DUI Client, 2012

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