An unbelievable but true story about a McDonald’s DUI charge out of Leesburg, Florida. Released today by the Orlando Sentinel was a story about a young women allegedly under the influence of alcohol who was arrested and charged with DUI after causing a large commotion in a McDonald’s drive thru.

Lydia Grace Kelm, must have had a major hankering for some McDonald’s chicken nuggets, french fries, or something good and greasy because the 23-year-old nurse decided to go to McDonald’s at 3:30 a.m. only wearing her bra and panties.  According to the McDonald’s employees, Lydia made quite a disturbance in the drive thru by revving her car engine loudly while trying to back out twice, to which the employees had to yell and motion her to drive forward.  According to an affidavit signed by McDonald’s employees, Lydia “seemed to be confused, lethargic” and “had slurred speech.”

Employee’s promptly called local police to investigate the situation.  Upon questioning, the police immediately suspected Lydia was under the influence of alcohol, especially when she openly admitted to drinking three beers prior to driving.  Officers asked Lydia to perform the DUI field sobriety tests and provided a jacket for coverage and warmth, since it was only 48 degrees outside.

Lydia failed the DUI field sobriety tests and her breath test revealed her BAC level was three times the Florida State legal limit of .08.  Unfortunately, Lydia was arrested in her bra and panties and was hauled off to the Lake County Jail where she was charged with DUI.

Lydia has since bonded out of jail and probably won’t be going back to the North 14th Street McDonald’s anytime soon.

McDonald’s DUI Charge – Mistakes Made by Lydia

Lydia made a few critical mistakes while being investigated by police for DUI.  First she should have asked to speak with her DUI attorney immediately.  Second, she should have exercised her right to remain silent and refused to answer any questions asked by officers.  Third, Lydia should have respectfully declined to taking the DUI field sobriety tests, they are voluntary.  If Lydia wouldn’t have made these three mistakes, her DUI case would have been in a better position to defend.

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