Alaska, the land of “The Final Frontier” was the location of Shawn Pomrenke’s second DUI arrest.  Pomrenke, star actor on Discovery Channel’s hit show “Bearing Sea Gold:  Under the Ice,”  was pulled over by law enforcement for speeding over 100 mph and later charged with DUI after blowing over the legal DUI limit.

Pomrenke’s need for speed lead to his November arrest.  Police reports indicate Pomrenke was traveling at chart topping speeds of 102 mph, along Nome, Alaska highways.  Police also noted his failure to use his signal while changing lanes.

After pulling Pomrenke over, Police suspected Pomrenke of drunk driving and asked him to take the portable breathalyzer test.  Pomrenke blew almost twice the legal limit, registering a result of .156.  The DUI legal limit in Alaska is .08, the same as Washington State.

He was arrested, his car was impounded, and he was taken to jail where he was charged with DUI.

To make matters worse, the reality TV star should have had an ignition interlock device installed in his car preventing him from driving under the influence, a court order from the first DUI he acquired a year ago.  Pomrenke can now expect to have “failure to comply with court orders” added to his new DUI charge.

Pomrenke’s first DUI was quite serious.  He hit a pedestrian and fled the scene of the crime, a big NO NO!  He was sentenced to 180 days in jail but only served less than weeks in the slammer… awhhh the power of being a local celebrity.

Pomrenke has a tough case ahead of him due to his breath test results and recent history of DUI.  It is definitely in Shawn Pomrenke’s best interest to hire a reputable DUI criminal defense attorney to fight for him.


Written by S.O