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Criminal Defense Attorney Gets Rapper Too Short A Good Package Deal

Last week, rapper Too Short was probably feeling pretty good after he and his criminal defense lawyer wrapped up his case by pleading guilty to a DUI charge and in return Short’s other six criminal charges were dropped.

Back in March, Too Short was pulled over by police for suspicion of DUI, during the DUI field tests Too Short tried to run from officers.  Short was caught within seconds, cuffed, and placed into the squad car.  While in route to the LA police station, officers allegedly discovered Ecstasy in the back of their car, claiming it fell out of Short’s pockets.  Too Short denied it was ever in his possession.

Short was charged with seven different charges including; DUI with DUI breath test over .08, resisting arrest, and possession of MDMA (Ecstasy).

Short’s criminal defense attorney negotiated a good package deal for the rapper; Short plead no contest to the DUI charge and all of his other charges were dismissed.  He was sentenced to 3 years of probation, fines, and attendance of DUI alcohol education classes.  Short’s deal was even sweeter considering he avoided jail time all together even with prior DUI’s on his criminal record.

Here in Washington State, if an individual has a prior DUI on their criminal record and pleads guilty to a second DUI they would at least spend 1 day in jail.  See the prior blog What are the penalties for a 2nd DUI Conviction? – Criminal Defense Attorney, David O to see Washington State consequences for a 2nd DUI.


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What are the Penalties for 2nd DUI Conviction? – Criminal Defense Attorney, David O

When an individual is found guilty of  a second DUI (driving under the influence) within seven years from the first DUI conviction the penalties become tougher and increase in duration and cost.

Here are Washington States minimum and maximum penalties for a second DUI within seven years.

If the BAC (blood alcohol content) result was less than .15, penalties for a 2nd DUI are as follows:

  • Days in Jail:  30-364 and 60 days of EHM (electric home monitoring)
  • Fines:  $1,196.00 to $5,000.00
  • Ignition Interlock Device:  5 years
  • License Revocation:  2 years.

If the BAC result was more than .15 or a BAC refusal, penalties for a 2nd DUI are as follows:

  • Days in Jail:  45-364 and 90 days of EHM
  • Fines:  $1,621.00 to $5,000.00
  • Ignition Interlock Device:  5 years
  • License Revocation:  900 days if BAC result was more than .15 Or 3 years if BAC was refused.

If charged with a second DUI in Washington State, it is in your best interest to speak with a reputable DUI criminal defense attorney about your case and options.  Every DUI lawyer at David O Defense offers a free, no hassle, no obligation consultation to talk about the details of your case, call 206-459-6392 to schedule today.

Lil Twist, Justin Beiber’s Best Bud – Popped For Marijuana DUI

Caught in the act with a lit marijuana blunt, 20-year-old Lil Twist, was arrested by Calabasas police for DUI of drugs.  Police stopped Lil Twist, real name Christopher Lynn Moore, for speeding in BFF Justin Bieber’s stealthy chrome Fisker Karma.  When law enforcement approached the vehicle to question Lil Twist, police allegedly saw a lit joint in the car with additional undisclosed amounts of marijuana.  Lil Twist was arrested and booked on suspicion of DUI of drugs.  The police reported he was not DUI based on alcohol.

Although Lil Twist has been charged with a DUI based on drug consumption the penalties are the same as if he was DUI based on alcohol.  Here in Washington State, the fact you are a minor and have been arrested for DUI does not necessarily mean you would be charged as a minor DUI, y0u would have to qualify.  To qualify as a minor DUI the individual would have to be under the age of 21 years and would have a breath test of at least .o2 but less than .08 or a marijuana THC concentration of above .000 but less than .05.  The penalties for a minor DUI include a fine ranging from $0-$1,000.00 and a maximum of 90 days in jail.


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