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You Know You Drank Too Much Alcohol If…

Have you ever been out with friends and you swore to yourself you would only throw back a few beers or only enjoy one or two frosty beverages. You may have entered the evening with the best intentions to limit your alcohol intake, but the night was young and the party was hot so you had a few more drinks. Now your wondering if you’ve gone overboard and perhaps you enjoyed too many finely crafted brews. Well, wonder no more, if you have any of the following symptoms or find yourself in one of the following situations than you know you drank too much alcohol.

You know you drank too much alcohol if…

  • you think you’re good at singing and know all the words to every song
  • you believe your dance moves are the best anyone has ever seen
  • your mascara has run down your face, past your lips
  • you keep introducing yourself to the same person over and over again
  • you’re hugging everyone; the hugs keep rolling out even to strangers
  • you’re missing a shoe or high heel
  • you’ve fallen off your bar stool for a second time
  • you’ve eaten so much, you should hold a world record eating title
  • you pet someone’s fur coat thinking it’s a dog
  • the next morning you see left over fast-food bags in your car

drank to much alcohol

You know you’ve drank too much alcohol if..

  • you try to do high kicks or run sprints
  • you wake up to a police officer knocking on your car window
  • you have double vision and you believe every person has a twin
  • the next day your friend sends you a picture of yourself sleeping in a restaurant booth
  • you challenge someone to a breakdance competition and you don’t breakdance
  • you find your own jokes to be super funny
  • at a later date you find a video of yourself dancing on the bar top
  • you think you know the meaning of life
  • you think your nose is a musical instrument
  • you fall asleep standing…

And the list can go on and on!


Please Note:  This list is for fun and for laughs, by no means should it be used to evaluate how intoxicated an individual is.  Nor should it be taken seriously!


New 5 Star Review for David O Defense

The DUI and criminal defense attorneys of David O Defense work hard to provide exceptional client care and case management and it shows when our clients write us great reviews.  Senior DUI and criminal defense attorney, David O, recently received this 5 star review from a DUI client:

“David O is the best attorney you can ask for. I just got my first DUI and he was very helpful with all the information and didn’t beat around the bush while working with you. He knew what he was doing and he doesn’t just want to take your money, he gets to know and understands your situation. He gives you all the steps you should do before your court date to help you with your case. I will refer him to anyone. I hope I don’t need him again but if I do I will definitely call him before anyone else.” Posted by Nick M., DUI Client -2014

David O Defense would like to thank all clients who have taken time out of their busy schedules to write us a review!  Our criminal defense law firm takes pride in posting only real client reviews, our reviews are never purchased or fabricated.  To read more of our client and colleague reviews click here, REVIEWS.

Why Choose David O Defense Over Other Law Firms?

Here at David O Defense we believe our criminal defense attorneys are easily ranked among the industries best.  We believe we provide exceptional client care and work harder than the vast majority to obtain optimal case results.  In fact we believe this so strongly that we encourage potential clients to meet and interview with other attorneys knowing that after those interviews clients will recognize our value and return to David O Defense for representation.

Why choose the lawyers at David O Defense?

1)  Exceptional client care.  Our attorneys are available to our clients, every day of the week.  Often our criminal defense attorneys will meet with clients on the weekends or during after business hours, we work to accommodate our clients busy schedules.  Additionally the attorneys will take phone calls 24/7, and if we are unable to answer we will reply to messages within hours.  Our clients are our priority and we want to be able to answer all questions and concerns as well as keep them informed on the process of their case.

2) Empathy and compassion.  Our attorneys understand that being charged with any crime can evoke an array of emotions from fear to anger.  Our defense attorneys are empathetic to their client’s situation and understanding.  Under no circumstance will our clients ever receive judgement or criticism from our attorneys.  Here at David O Defense we are on our client’s side!

3) 100% dedication to criminal defense law.  The only law practiced at David O Defense is criminal defense law.  We fight cases such as DUI, domestic violence, sex crimes, driving on a suspended license, theft, and more.  We focus only on criminal law so we maximize our talents in the criminal defense arena and continue to preserve our strong relationships with prosecutors and judges that handle criminal defense cases.  An example we like to provide to potential clients is; if you needed heart surgery you would seek a cardiac doctor for the best outcome, not a general practitioner medical doctor who may know a little about the heart but not nearly as educated and as experienced as the cardiac surgeon.  The same stands true for criminal defense, an individual charged with DUI would be in better hands with an attorney that practices exclusively criminal defense, they are more experienced and knowledgeable resulting in a better outcome.

4) Honest and hardworking.  Often times other lawyers will tell prospective clients what they want to hear just so they will be hired and make some money.  However, what a client wants to hear may not be realistic.  No attorney should ever guarantee case results during an initial legal consultation because they haven’t had an opportunity to look into the case.  Our DUI and criminal defense lawyers at David O Defense are completely honest and upfront with clients, they don’t lie to make a quick buck.  Being honest and upfront means our clients will be properly informed and educated about their case so they are empowered to make clear decisions pertaining to their case.  In addition to being honest, our lawyers are very hard-working, they are not “dump truck” attorneys that simply collect legal fees, do very little work, and then make their clients plead guilty.  We work very hard negotiating cases, looking for loop holes, and interviewing witnesses.  Our defense attorneys will always go the extra mile to achieve great results for our clients.

5) Reasonable flat legal fees.  Here at David O Defense we charge reasonable flat legal fees which will be fully stated in a contract during the initial legal consultation.  There are never any additional hidden charges, again our attorneys are honest and upfront.  We also offer flexible payment plans, a financial feature that many other attorneys do not offer.


If you would like to schedule a no obligation, no pressure, free legal consultation with David O Defense, please call 206-459-6392, we will be happy to speak with you and answer all your legal questions.

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