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Bieber May Strike A Sweet DUI Deal!

A quick update on Justin Bieber’s DUI case…  It pays off to hire a great DUI defense attorney, and Justin Bieber is probably ecstatic with the plea deal that his defense attorney has been negotiating for him.   Apparently, the Miami prosecutors have unofficially offered Justin the deal to drop all three charges of; DUI, resisting arrest, and driving without a license, if Justin pleads no contest to a reckless driving charge.  Now that’s a sweet deal!  Dropping three charges which included a DUI and pleading no contest (aka guilty) to one lesser offense such as reckless driving, Justin better take it!

Additionally, Justin Bieber’s defense attorney has halted the random drug testing that Miami prosecutors were initially asking for… another score for Team Bieber!

Thus Bieber will plead guilty to reckless driving, of which he may have to pay some fines for, and then he will be placed on probation for about a year during which he will be required to keep his hands clean of all criminal activity while in the United States.

Team Bieber should wrap up negotiations and finalize the DUI deal within the next couple of weeks.

See my previous blog “Justin Bieber’s DUI Attorney Is Doing His Job,” for more insight on J.B.’s DUI arrest.


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Criminal Defense Attorney Gets Rapper Too Short A Good Package Deal

Last week, rapper Too Short was probably feeling pretty good after he and his criminal defense lawyer wrapped up his case by pleading guilty to a DUI charge and in return Short’s other six criminal charges were dropped.

Back in March, Too Short was pulled over by police for suspicion of DUI, during the DUI field tests Too Short tried to run from officers.  Short was caught within seconds, cuffed, and placed into the squad car.  While in route to the LA police station, officers allegedly discovered Ecstasy in the back of their car, claiming it fell out of Short’s pockets.  Too Short denied it was ever in his possession.

Short was charged with seven different charges including; DUI with DUI breath test over .08, resisting arrest, and possession of MDMA (Ecstasy).

Short’s criminal defense attorney negotiated a good package deal for the rapper; Short plead no contest to the DUI charge and all of his other charges were dismissed.  He was sentenced to 3 years of probation, fines, and attendance of DUI alcohol education classes.  Short’s deal was even sweeter considering he avoided jail time all together even with prior DUI’s on his criminal record.

Here in Washington State, if an individual has a prior DUI on their criminal record and pleads guilty to a second DUI they would at least spend 1 day in jail.  See the prior blog What are the penalties for a 2nd DUI Conviction? – Criminal Defense Attorney, David O to see Washington State consequences for a 2nd DUI.


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Bad Idea to Curse at a Police Officer During A DUI Investigation!

Female rapper Kat Dahlia is a perfect example of what “not to do” during a police DUI investigation and arrest.  Do not let your emotions flare, do not curse at law enforcement, and do not resist arrest.  All these actions will be noted in the arresting officers police report an will make the DUI charge much tougher for the criminal defense attorney to negotiate and/or defend.

Early Tuesday morning, Kat Dahlia was pulled over by Miami police for speeding.  Allegedly officers could smell a strong odor of alcohol coming from her car and asked Kat to step outside her vehicle.  According to police reports, Kat’s emotions got the best of her and she became belligerent.  With heavily slurred speech, Kat began to swear at the officers and refused to take the DUI field sobriety tests (good girl for not taking the DUI field sobriety tests, remember the DUI field sobriety test are voluntary and should be refused).

Police began to arrest the singer for DUI, however, when police tried to cuff Dahlia, she refused to place her hands behind her back.  Allegedly police had to force Kat’s hands together behind her back to properly cuffed her.  Kat Dahlia was hauled into the local police office and charged with misdemeanor DUI and resisting arrest.

The DUI and criminal defense attorneys at David O Defense advise individuals to be respectful to law enforcement during a DUI investigation.  When respectful to officers, individuals will be less likely to accrue additional legal charges such as resisting arrest.  Additionally, when being questioned by police for a possible DUI, David O Defense lawyers recommend not talking to the officers, an individual should ask politely to speak to their criminal defense attorney.  If an individual does not talk during a DUI investigation they will be less likely to say something that would incriminate themselves, such as; “I only had 2 beers.”

Make sure to program the telephone number of David O Defense into your cellphone in case you are being investigated for a DUI, 206-459-6392.


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