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$27.00 Fine For Smoking Marijuana In Public

The city of Seattle is treating smoking marijuana in public at the same level as consuming alcohol in public, it is illegal and the Seattle police will issue a $27.00 fine to any individual found doing so.  The good news is… Seattle police MUST first issue any individual using marijuana in public a verbal warning.  If the individual fails to cooperate with the officers warning and fails to remove the marijuana from public view, then the officer may issue the $27.00 fine.  More good news… the $27.00 fine is an infraction similar to a parking ticket and is not a criminal infraction such as DUI (driving under the influence), thus being cited and fined with smoking marijuana in public will not end up on your criminal record!

For more information on the laws pertaining to smoking marijuana in Seattle or in the State of Washington see our previous blogs “How The Seattle Police Department Will Enforce Marijuana Laws” and “Washington State Laws – Marijuana 101” and continue to follow our blog for the latest and greatest legal news and happenings!


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49ers’ Aldon Smith Charged with Possession of Marijuana and DUI, Now Suspended Indefinitely From Team

This past Friday, pro football player Aldon Smith, linebacker for the 49ers, was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana and DUI (driving under the influence).  Despite the arrest, the 49ers allowed Smith to play in Sundays game against the Indianapolis Colts.  When the game ended, Smith returned to the locker room to discover his locker was empty.  Decisions had been made by 49ers’ CEO, Jed York, to punish the 23-year-old by immediate suspension from the team “indefinitely.”

Smith was arrested Friday morning at 7am in the morning by San Jose police.  Allegedly a witness saw Smith crashed his Bentley into a tree and called 911 to report the accident.  No one was hurt during the collision and Aldon walked away uninjured.  However, police suspected Smith of drunk driving.  Smith failed the DUI field tests and the breathalyzer test revealed BAC level of .15, almost twice the legal limit of .08.  Aldon Smith was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana and DUI.  Smith was booked into county jail and bailed out later that day.

This is Aldon’s second DUI arrest, his first DUI charge occurred in Miami in January of 2012.

Aldon released statements after Sunday’s game addressing his DUI and possession of marijuana arrest saying “First off, I wanted to apologize to the team, the organization, my family and everybody I let down. I also wanted to let it be known that this is a problem and it’s something that I will get fixed, and that I’ll do everything in my power to make sure that this never happens again.”

Rumor has it Aldon Smith has already sought out an alcohol treatment program to get help.  Jed York stood by Aldon stating, “Again, I’ll support our players as long as they’re willing to work toward getting better and being better teammates, better members of the community. I believe that Aldon wants to do that, and I will support him and I will stand by him as long as that’s what he’s willing to do.”

Smith will need an experienced DUI and criminal defense lawyer to navigate through these new DUI and possession of marijuana charges.  If found guilty of the DUI, Aldon Smith may suffer an even longer football suspension enforced by commissioner Roger Goodell, who considers a DUI a high level concern.


Written by S.O


Rapper 2 Chainz Marijuana Case Update

Rapper 2 Chainz hired the right criminal defense attorney to defend him against possession of marijuana allegations – because as of yesterday the drug charges have been dropped!  The Maryland State judge concluded there was not enough evidence to support the allegation the marijuana belonged solely to 2 Chainz.

Remember that arrest back in February, 2 Chainz gets busted by police for possession of marijuana and is arrested while the other 6 people in his van were allowed to leave.  Hmmm, 7 people in a van smelling like burnt marijuana and only one is arrested, which happened to be the driver 2 Chainz.  Not the best decision for Maryland police to only arrest 1 out of seven, but at least they got a photo op with the rapper while they were booking him at the station!  Check out my earlier blog “Rapper 2 Chainz Forced to take Pics with Cops after being Arrested for Marijuana” for all the arrest details.

High probability 2 Chainz is still tweeting “smh” (shaking my head), despite his marijuana case victory.


Written by S.O

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