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Defense Attorney, David O, Answers Your DUI Questions and More – Part 1

business manI’ve been a criminal defense attorney for many years now and I have met with many clients.  Through client conversations and meetings I’ve noticed that clients tend to ask the same questions…  So I thought it would be a good idea to blog about these frequently asked DUI questions and other frequently asked questions and I will provide my answers.  Hopefully this Q&A is helpful!

Frequently Asked DUI Questions and More – Part 1

Q.  What is your legal fee for a DUI?

A.  I do not have a set fee for a DUI.  Because each DUI case and each individual charged with a DUI are unique I prefer to meet in person for a free consultation where I can discuss the circumstances of the case and  criminal history.  After getting to know more about the person and their case, I know how much work and time it will take to achieve the best possible case resolution and I can provide a flat legal fee quote.  On average I charge a flat legal fee of $4000 – $6000 for a DUI.


Q.  What is your legal fee for other criminal charges?

A.  I do not have set legal fees.  I prefer to talk with each individual charged with a crime, find out more about them and their case and then I can determine their cost for legal representation.


Q.  What is the penalty for a first time DUI offense?

A.  It depends on your Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) result when you blew into the DUI breathalyzer or had blood drawn or if you refused to provide a BAC sample:

BAC result less than .15 = 1-364 days in jail or 15 days of EHM (electric home monitoring), $941-$5,000 fine, ignition interlock device for 1 year, and 90 day license suspension.

BAC result more than .15 or refusal = 2-364 days in jail or 30 days of EHM, $1,196-$5,000 fine, ignition interlock device for 1 year, and license revocation for 1 year if BAC result was more than .15 or license revocation for 2 years if BAC was refused.


Q.  Can you guarantee my case will get dismissed?

A.  No, I cannot guarantee your case will be dismissed and no other attorney should tell you that they can guarantee your case will be dismissed during the early stages of your case.  DUI cases and other criminal cases take a lot of work to negotiate, investigate, and sometimes going through trial before a resolution can be reached.  I cannot guarantee your case will be dismissed but my goal for each and every client is to work hard to achieve the best possible case outcome.


Q.  How should I dress for court?

A.  I tell clients they should dress as if they were going to church.  For men, slacks or nice jeans with a button down or collared shirt is appropriate.  Men do not need to wear a suit unless they would like to.  For women, a conservative dress, slacks or nice jeans with a blouse works well.  Dressing appropriately, shows the judge that you are taking the case seriously and that you are being respectful while in the judge’s presence.

That’s the end of Frequently Asked DUI Questions and More – Part 1. Hope it’s been helpful!  Link to Part 2.

Not Just Any Old Lawyer Will Do ~ Hire a Reputable DUI Lawyer

Are you looking to hire a lawyer to defend your DUI charge?  Make sure to do a little research before choosing a criminal defense attorney, not just any old lawyer will do.  You’ll want to hire a reputable DUI lawyer!

Sure, any old lawyer could show up to court and move your case through the judicial system, but that’s not enough, especially when you consider the possible consequences of being convicted of a DUI; suspended driver’s license, jail time, fines, and more.  Choosing to hire a reputable DUI lawyer will give your case the best fighting chance to get optimal results.

Check out these 4 Reasons you should hire a reputable DUI lawyer over any old lawyer!

  1. A DUI attorney is well-practiced in defending clients charged with drunk driving or driving under the influence of drugs.  Attorneys that practice other types of law will not have as strong of a skill set in the practice of DUI defense law.  For example; if you needed to see a doctor because of heart pain, you would be best served seeing a doctor that specializes in the heart such as a cardiologist rather than seeing a primary care doctor who would have less knowledge about the heart.  The same is true with law; if you need help with a DUI you would be best served with a reputable DUI criminal defense attorney rather than an attorney that practices multiple types of law.
  2. During DUI negotiations, an experienced DUI attorney is more capable of discovering legal issues and developing those issues to present to the prosecutors.  A stronger case presented to the prosecutors = better case resolution.
  3. Washington State DUI laws and penalties change frequently, a reputable DUI lawyer will be up to date on those changes and can use those changes to better serve their clients.
  4. And lastly, a DUI criminal defense attorney works closely with reliable resources such as treatment agencies and ignition interlock companies to make the DUI process easier and less stressful for clients.

So take a little time and do some research before hiring the first attorney that comes to mind or is at the top of your Google or Bing search.  Check out some websites, read some attorney reviews, and meet up with a few DUI lawyers in person.  You will get a much better idea of how that reputable DUI lawyer will handle your case and you’ll feel much more confident as your case moves through the judicial system.

Illinois Man Injured in a DUI Accident is Shot by Police while at the Hospital

A few days ago a tragic turn of events happened in Highland Park, Illinois when a passenger involved in a DUI car accident was taken to a local hospital where he was fatally shot by police.

Around 11:30 Sunday evening, Illinois state police responded to a DUI car crash on Illinois Route 94.  The uninjured driver allegedly showed signs of driving under the influence and was arrested then taken to the station for possible DUI charges.  The two passengers in the car were Christopher Anderson and his 9-year-old daughter.  Both passengers suffered injuries from the car accident and were transported to Highland Park Hospital.

While at the hospital, Anderson allegedly became hostile and drew a handgun on hospital staff while they were trying to subdue him. Police were called.  At approximately 1:30am on Monday morning, police repeatedly asked Anderson to drop his gun, but police say he refused.  Anderson was shot dead by the officers.

Fortunately the daughter did not witness the shooting and was released from the hospital into her mother’s care.

Stricken with grief and anger, Anderson’s family has reached out to police for answers, of which they have had none.  “They steady shooting people and getting away with it,” says Shanta Davis, Anderson’s ex-girlfriend and mother to the 9-year-old daughter, “and they know they messed up so they trying to plan as if he did all of this and that, my daughter said he had no gun on him and I’m going to believe my daughter.”

Chicago community activist, Ralph Peterson questions the actions of the police, “How can a 27-year-old whose daughter is seeking medical attention end up dead?”

Currently the Lake County Major Crime Task Force is investigating whether the shooting was justified or not.


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