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Lil Twist, Justin Beiber’s Best Bud – Popped For Marijuana DUI

Caught in the act with a lit marijuana blunt, 20-year-old Lil Twist, was arrested by Calabasas police for DUI of drugs.  Police stopped Lil Twist, real name Christopher Lynn Moore, for speeding in BFF Justin Bieber’s stealthy chrome Fisker Karma.  When law enforcement approached the vehicle to question Lil Twist, police allegedly saw a lit joint in the car with additional undisclosed amounts of marijuana.  Lil Twist was arrested and booked on suspicion of DUI of drugs.  The police reported he was not DUI based on alcohol.

Although Lil Twist has been charged with a DUI based on drug consumption the penalties are the same as if he was DUI based on alcohol.  Here in Washington State, the fact you are a minor and have been arrested for DUI does not necessarily mean you would be charged as a minor DUI, y0u would have to qualify.  To qualify as a minor DUI the individual would have to be under the age of 21 years and would have a breath test of at least .o2 but less than .08 or a marijuana THC concentration of above .000 but less than .05.  The penalties for a minor DUI include a fine ranging from $0-$1,000.00 and a maximum of 90 days in jail.


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Sportscaster, Al Michaels, Charged With DUI

Legendary sports broadcaster, Al Michaels, has been charged with misdemeanor DUI stemming from his DUI arrest in California on April 19th.

Santa Monica officers reported Michaels made a U-turn in front of their DUI sobriety check point around 10PM.  Hmmm, seems like someone knew they had a little too much to drink!  Officers pulled Michaels over and immediately detected an odor of alcohol on his breath.  They continued their DUI investigation and had him perform the DUI field sobriety tests, of which he failed.  Al Michaels was arrested for DUI and taken to jail.

Good news for the voice of “Sunday Night Football”, his DUI breathalyzer test reveled a .08 and .09 blood alcohol level, right at the legal limit.  Additionally, Michaels doesn’t have any criminal history, thus, if Michaels hires a good DUI criminal defense attorney he has good fighting chances of avoiding jail time and getting his DUI charge reduced to a lesser charge.


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Washington State University – Blood Alcohol Levels and How it Effects the Body

Having basic knowledge on how alcohol effects the body is a valuable tool;  1) it may aid in the self assessment of one’s ability to drive safely after consuming alcohol, 2) it may help decipher if someone else has the ability to drive safely after consuming alcohol, 3) and it may help one’s awareness on how alcohol is effecting their body and enable them to make better decisions to slow or stop alcohol consumption to avoid dangerous situations.

Blood Alcohol Level 0.01 – 0.03
Mild relaxation; slight loosening of inhibitions; slight loss of social discomfort; mild intensification of mood.  If driving and pulled over by police in Washington State, the risk of being charged with a DUI at this BAC level is very low.  An individual would most likely have the physical control to pass the DUI field sobriety tests at this level.

Blood Alcohol Level 0.04 – 0.06
Small buzz; slight sedation; feelings of warmth & relaxation; loss of shyness; emotion and behavior can become exaggerated; fine motor skills decline; reaction time slows.  There may be only minimal awareness of these effects.  Driving is a risky choice.  At this BAC level, Washington State police could charge an individual with DUI (even though they are under the legal Washington State BAC level of 0.08) if their driving was impaired.

Blood Alcohol Level 0.07 – 0.09
Fuzzy thinking; motor skills clearly impaired; speech may be noticeable impaired; slight and hearing acuity are reduced; judgement ability is slowed and reduced.  Ability to decide about further drinking is impaired and ability to evaluate and respond to sexual situations is diminished.  If pulled over by Washington State police, an individual would most likely be charged with a DUI at this BAC level and may or may not fail the DUI field sobriety tests.

Blood Alcohol Level 0.10 – 0.20
Emotions unstable; perceptions, thinking, judgement, reaction time are significantly impaired.  An individual would be charged with a DUI at this BAC level and would have increased risk of failing the DUI field sobriety tests.

Blood Alcohol Level 0.25 – 0.30
Confusion, disorientation, dizziness, exaggerated emotions.  All sense perceptions distorted. Numb.  Sever risk of injury.  An individual would be charged with a DUI by Washington State police officers at this BAC level.  An individual would most likely fail the DUI field sobriety tests at this BAC level.

Blood Alcohol Level 0.30 – 0.40
Stupor; motor functions severely impaired; unable to stand/walk.  Vomiting, incontinence are high risk.  Loss of pain awareness.  Impaired consciousness.  Risk of death.  An individual would have a very hard time operating a vehicle at this BAC level and would be charged with DUI if pulled over by police officers.  Additionally, the individual would not physically be able to complete the DUI field sobriety tests at this BAC level and thus they would fail the DUI field tests.

Blood Alcohol Level 0.40 +
High risk of impaired circulation, respiration or heart rhythm.  Coma and death due to anesthesia of brain areas and nervous system functioning are very possible.

Information on how blood alcohol levels effects the body was derived from Washington State University’s website, go to for more information on this topic.


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