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Xzibit Charged with DUI Just Hours after Saying “I DO”

This past Sunday, Xzibit married the love of his life, Krista Joiner, near Laguna Beach, CA.  The groom, Xzibit, real name Alvin Nathaniel Joiner must have been feeling the love in the air because the rapper, actor, and TV host allegedly enjoyed one too many glasses of champaign at his wedding reception… when he and his bride drove off into the sunset, Xzibit was pulled over and arrested for DUI.  Wedding night bummer!

Police claim the, “Pimp My Ride” MTV show host was speeding in Laguna the night of his arrest.  When pulled over, the arresting officer said Xzibit reeked of booze.  After a short DUI (driving under the influence) investigation the officer arrested the 40 year-old american rapper and hauled him into the local police station for DUI.

The following day, Xzibit wrote about his memorable wedding day saying, “There was a time I thought I would NEVER get married,” he continued. “I thought that being single was the only way for me, not knowing that I was giving up more of myself to people who didn’t care about me or love me unconditionally. I had to do a LOT of growing up and over time came the maturity I needed to be able to make a commitment stronger than anything that I have done in my life outside of being a father to my two beautiful sons. Yesterday, I made my family complete.”  Xzibit made no mention of his DUI arrest… smart move on his part, if he mentioned his DUI arrest he could have potentially written some incriminating statements.  DUI defense attorneys are more likely to get better case results for individuals who do not incriminate themselves.

Best to say nothing at all, when it comes to criminal charges!  To know more about your right to remain silent, read our blog, “5 Big Reasons NOT To Talk To Cops.”


It Runs in the Family, Lindsay Lohan’s Mother Charged with DUI

Mother Dina Lohan like daughter Lindsay Lohan or is it daughter Lohan like mother Lohan?  Who knows, but one thing is for sure; alcohol and a Lohan do not mix well … a bad recipe resulting in DUI (driving under the influence).

Thursday night, 50-year-old Dina Lohan was charged with DUI in Long Island, New York after being pulled over for speeding 77 mph in a 55 mph zone.  Allegedly during the stop, police observed visible signs of intoxication and asked Dina to take the DUI breath test to determine her BAC (blood alcohol content).  Dina should have refused this DUI test on the basis it is a voluntary test, however, she screwed up, took the test, and blew a .20 BAC result, twice the legal DUI limit of .08.

Li Lo’s mom was taken to jail where she was charged with speeding and DUI.  She was later bailed out of jail, but it wasn’t Lindsay to the rescue, an unknown source came to the aid of mama Lohan.

Rumor has it Dina has been drinking heavy and partying too much.  Still being a poor role model for daughter Lindsay, who also struggles with alcoholism and has a criminal history of DUI charges.

Dina has court next month and hopefully she will be able to find a good DUI lawyer, Lindsay won’t be able to refer her past criminal defense attorney since she fired her attorney while still owing $300,000.00 in legal fees, see my blog “Defense Attorney Saves Lindsay Lohan Despite Being Fired” for more details on Li Lo’s legal mishaps.


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Bad Idea to Curse at a Police Officer During A DUI Investigation!

Female rapper Kat Dahlia is a perfect example of what “not to do” during a police DUI investigation and arrest.  Do not let your emotions flare, do not curse at law enforcement, and do not resist arrest.  All these actions will be noted in the arresting officers police report an will make the DUI charge much tougher for the criminal defense attorney to negotiate and/or defend.

Early Tuesday morning, Kat Dahlia was pulled over by Miami police for speeding.  Allegedly officers could smell a strong odor of alcohol coming from her car and asked Kat to step outside her vehicle.  According to police reports, Kat’s emotions got the best of her and she became belligerent.  With heavily slurred speech, Kat began to swear at the officers and refused to take the DUI field sobriety tests (good girl for not taking the DUI field sobriety tests, remember the DUI field sobriety test are voluntary and should be refused).

Police began to arrest the singer for DUI, however, when police tried to cuff Dahlia, she refused to place her hands behind her back.  Allegedly police had to force Kat’s hands together behind her back to properly cuffed her.  Kat Dahlia was hauled into the local police office and charged with misdemeanor DUI and resisting arrest.

The DUI and criminal defense attorneys at David O Defense advise individuals to be respectful to law enforcement during a DUI investigation.  When respectful to officers, individuals will be less likely to accrue additional legal charges such as resisting arrest.  Additionally, when being questioned by police for a possible DUI, David O Defense lawyers recommend not talking to the officers, an individual should ask politely to speak to their criminal defense attorney.  If an individual does not talk during a DUI investigation they will be less likely to say something that would incriminate themselves, such as; “I only had 2 beers.”

Make sure to program the telephone number of David O Defense into your cellphone in case you are being investigated for a DUI, 206-459-6392.


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