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Rapper 2 Chainz Forced to take Pics with Cops after being Arrested for Marijauna

Dang, what a Valentines Day for Rapper 2 Chainz, pulled over for speeding, popped for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia, then taken to the police station booked and later forced to take celebrity photos with two local officers.  It’s not like 2 Chainz had an option to say no to taking the pics, he didn’t want to piss off the officers and add obstruction of justice to his list of charges.  Besides it is in 2 Chainz best interest to keep his fans happy, just look at these pleased police smiles, they love 2 Chainz!

Valentines evening around 9 PM, 2 Chainz was driving 79 miles an hour on Route 50 heading to his concert appearance at the University of Maryland.  A state trooper pulled him over for speeding.  Upon questioning the Grammy nominated rapper and 6 other passengers, the state patrol officer smelled an odor of burnt marijuana, providing a reason for the officer to search 2 Chainz’s white van.

Officers found trace amounts of marijuana and a grinder (a device to smash cannabis) on 2 Chainz which led to his arrest.  The 6 other passengers were allowed to leave.  2 Chainz was taken to Maryland Police Station and charged with possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.  Upon his release that night, 2 Chainz abided the cops request and took the fan photo.  The rapper left the police station furious and began tweeting about the situation, “We [went] to jail for a grinder??? REALLY???…da f-k u know? Haha wut a valentines day!!!…Locked me up and then Wanted pictures smh (shaking my head).

If found guilty of possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia, 2 Chainz will have to pay some pocket change of $1000.00 and will spend up to a year in the pokey.


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Possession of Marijuana: Search on School Premises


State v. Meneese, (86203-6) 8/2/12
SCt (7-2) held that a search of Meneese’s locked backpack by a Student Resource Officer (SRO), i.e. a fully commissioned, uniformed Bellevue Police officer, was not permitted even under the more relaxed “reasonable suspicion” standard for school searches after T.L.0., 461 U.S. 341.
Meneese was found by the SRO during a routine check of the bathrooms at Robbinswood High School standing over a sink with a bag of marijuana in one hand and a medicine vial in the other. The officer seized the MJ and escorted Meneese, with his backpack, to the dean of student’s office. He placed Meneese under arrest and requested a patrol unit pick Meneese up for booking. The SRO became suspicious that Meneese’s backpack might contain more contraband and when Meneese said he didn’t have the key to unlock it, he was searched, the key was found in his pocket and a search of the backpack reveal a BB gun (i.e. a dangerous gun on school grounds).
SCt concludes the T.L.O. school search exception did not apply to the search of the locked backpack in light of the overwhelming indicia of police action. The SROs had no authority to administer school discipline, suspensions or expulsions. T.L.O. allows a “school official” to search a student’s person if, under all the circumstances, the official has a reasonable suspicion. The act of arresting and handcuffing Meneese was not that of a “school official,” however, since they don’t have the power to do either.
Stephens and J Johnson dissent on the theory that “schools are special environments.”
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