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Former Seattle Seahawk Spencer Ware Charged with 2nd DUI this Year.

Bad news for former Seattle Seahawk running back Spencer Ware… not only was he released by the Seahawks on Saturday but he also got popped with a DUI charge on Tuesday.  Apparently, Ware was arrested for allegedly drunk driving on Tuesday morning in Maple Valley and was booked into the Kent jail at 3:21am.

This is Spencer Ware’s second DUI within this year, his first DUI was on January 9th when he was on the Seahawks injured reserve list.  The 22-year-old was lucky in July, his DUI case was dismissed after a ruling that the arresting officer did not have a lawful basis to initiate the traffic stop.  The judge also suppressed all evidence gathered after the traffic stop, which included incriminating evidence such as the BAC test and DUI field sobriety test results.

Although Ware’s January DUI was dismissed, it will likely be used against him during the resolution of his new DUI charge.  Ware’s next court date is his arraignment set for September 8th in the Maple Valley Municipal Court.

Currently Spencer Ware is a free agent and has yet to be picked up by an NFL team.

On a side note, downtown Seattle is buzzing with fanatical Seahawk fans, regular season opening game day, Seahawks vs. the Green Bay Packers, go Hawks!





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What are the Penalties for 2nd DUI Conviction? – Criminal Defense Attorney, David O

When an individual is found guilty of  a second DUI (driving under the influence) within seven years from the first DUI conviction the penalties become tougher and increase in duration and cost.

Here are Washington States minimum and maximum penalties for a second DUI within seven years.

If the BAC (blood alcohol content) result was less than .15, penalties for a 2nd DUI are as follows:

  • Days in Jail:  30-364 and 60 days of EHM (electric home monitoring)
  • Fines:  $1,196.00 to $5,000.00
  • Ignition Interlock Device:  5 years
  • License Revocation:  2 years.

If the BAC result was more than .15 or a BAC refusal, penalties for a 2nd DUI are as follows:

  • Days in Jail:  45-364 and 90 days of EHM
  • Fines:  $1,621.00 to $5,000.00
  • Ignition Interlock Device:  5 years
  • License Revocation:  900 days if BAC result was more than .15 Or 3 years if BAC was refused.

If charged with a second DUI in Washington State, it is in your best interest to speak with a reputable DUI criminal defense attorney about your case and options.  Every DUI lawyer at David O Defense offers a free, no hassle, no obligation consultation to talk about the details of your case, call 206-459-6392 to schedule today.

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